Julia Etta Milam — Fayettville, Arkansas

Julia Etta Milam — Fayettville, Arkansas

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My husband made me let Julia Etta Milam, her boyfriend, and her two teenagers into my home because they were permanent losers. She repeatedly left her children for weeks and I fed and clothed them. I even helped them get into school. Julias father came to visit and I made a big dinner. She didn’t help at all. We were stressed having all these extra people in our home. We have 5 young children ourselves. After a month and a half things were obviously changing. Julia fought with her boyfriend a lot and would sit in our living room with my husband more than she should have. I didn’t t understand why she wasn’t in her room with her boyfriend. She was sitting with my husband. I trusted him after 17 yrs. Together. I would go to bed often leaving them alone. I was very stupid. My 8 yr old told me someone had seen them kissing, I confronted him several times. He denied it. I trusted him. She went to her dads, 2500 miles a away and sent for her children a week later. Leaving her boyfriend heartbroken. A few weeks later, assuming I had seen the last of her, I went to visit my sister for the weekend, my husband was caught by my brother telling her he loved her. While me and our children were gone, a week before xmas, my husband of 17 yrs got on a greyhound and went to her. Everyone tells me of her drug abuse, and the many homes she’s broken up. My children were used to seeing their dad everday, now its been almost 3 months.

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  1. Oh Man...June 24, 2018 at 7:06 pm

    i used to live in eureka springs. I live in rogers/Bentonville area these days. Julia knows my son’s dad and his exgf and his sister and a couple other friends. thanks for the warning… honestly, can’t say i’m too surprised if she’s one of my son’s dad’s friends- when will people grow up? I am so sorry this happened to you but honestly sounds like you’re better off. thank god your kids have you. you sound like a great mom.