Julie Nicole Nugent — Junkie Gutter Sl*t Wife

Julie Nicole Nugent — Junkie Gutter Sl*t Wife

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While I was working, my best friend used to come over and hang out with my wife. I didn’t see anything wrong with it at first because I trusted her and he didn’t have a stable place of staying, so we were helping him out. Well he stayed with us on and off for about 3 to 6 months, and I found text messages in her phone that we shared where she was Sexting him. When I confronted her about it she said that those pictures she said they were sent to a girlfriend of hers, she was just trying to get their opinion before sending them to me. Even though the name didn’t match the number of my best friend whom she was actually texting, because I’m an idiot you know. turns out they were buying drugs and sleeping together the entire time, she convinced me into letting him stay with us so that way it benefited her. Our son was under the roof while they were getting it in. Our son was in the house while she was intoxicated and could barely keep her eyes open, and I would half to come home to a child that hadn’t been taken care of at all. At one point I did come home and catch them in bed together, and being a veteran my PTSD got the best of me and I pulled out a gun on them and threatened them. And we haven’t seen him sense. But I just wanted to make it known to leave my sl*t of a wife alone, stay out of our lives, because I’m not afraid to put your a$$ in line.

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