Justina Coffey — Cheating, theiving, scandalous, narcissistic sloot!

Justina Coffey — Cheating, theiving, scandalous, narcissistic sloot!

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This hoe loves to play like she’s god’s gift to everyone she comes in contact with. She will play you, men and women! She is so high on drugs, she moved her boyfriend in with her while her husband lived there then told her husband he had to move out. Then refused to give him his stuff and gave it to her boyfriend Alan Hunter of Tulsa Oklahoma. She trash talks everyone behind their backs while being friendly in their faces. And watch your shit cuz she’ll be the first to Jack whatever she wants. The worst type of person ever! I’m not even going to mention the children they don’t have. Basically, she’s a psychotic slore that you can’t trust for sh1t! Keep one eye open when these ppl are around.

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  1. BGBMarch 4, 2019 at 5:38 am

    I personally know her from years ago, though we are not friends & dont hangout or anything.
    I can verify this is 100%true!!
    She’s a cvm dumpster.