Kaitlyn Marie Brooks [REDACTED] serving more then just Eggs and Waffles

Kaitlyn Marie Brooks [REDACTED] serving more then just Eggs and Waffles

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Kaitlyn Marie Brooks was a co worker of me and my husband. We all worked at at good old [REDACTED]. I thought she was a friend but she was really just a easy lay and great at being a homewrecking how. Kaitlyn was the first person I told when my husband and I had our first get together at my house. She was the first to know the details of the sex my husband and I had that night. Coming over to our house to hang out, I used to love this chic. She always acted like she was so happy for me, it makes me sick to my stomach to think about it. Come to find out my husband does have a concience and came to me with some stories he had been keeping from me. [REDACTED] ain’t just a place where Kaitlyn wanted to just serve eggs and waffles, she also served at least two men that I know of with that nasty [email protected] beat up [email protected] of hers. She is no stranger to pulling down her panties for anyone who wants to d1ck that lard down. Hell, if she is on third shift serving or cooking or even if you are working third shift cooking, she will make that drive to get the loud dumped off inside of her. No only did she drive up to good old [REDACTED] one third shift night and take my server on duty out into the parking lot and let him deposit his speviemin all inside her – she also made the drive to to become that sperm bank once more while my husband was working third. She can’t say it was a spur of the moment bad decision – she wanted my husband’s c0ck so bad that she planned it. Calling me a friend the whole time. Looking me in the face being able to talk to me as if she wasn’t screwing my husband in the car in the [REDACTED] parking lot. Little did she know, no excuses made for my unthoughtful husband, but his battle with his sex addiction has made for some really nasty images in his head. Don’t worry Kaitlyn Marie Brooks, your not along in this…Latina and Tammy got their own pages as well. Damn don’t know if I should call y’all the trio of [REDACTED] skank. I wonder just how many times you did more then just cook someones eggs and bacon at [REDACTED]. I guess now you can order and [REDACTED] with a free and easy spot to shoot your load off into.

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