Karen Kilmer — Wyoming, Michigan

Karen Kilmer — Wyoming, Michigan

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Karen Kilmer has rifled through so many men and makes sure to have kids with them so she has someone to control. Currently she is STILL sleeping with her boss Glenn…and so many people know but her husband is in the dark. Everyone knows as long as you supply her with money she wont make a scene. She keeps her boss on her back burner with hookups regularly that way he will continue to give her money and special treatment. They’ve been f**king for years . She paints a picture of a godly church going woman but in reality she is a vile, money chasing shady person who manipulates everyone especially her own children. You can find her on sundays at first assembly church but during the week you can find her on her bosses d**k. Beware of this person and her lies and just waiting for her husband to wake tf up or become another baby daddy and start paying

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  1. FillufullOctober 17, 2018 at 12:09 am

    I would like to get with her then send her back to her boss with my cum dripping out of her asshole and all in her throat.

  2. CAROLINE OBERST DETROITOctober 2, 2018 at 7:26 am

    BEWARE of this con artist and her tactics of deceit, manipulation, and general all around low life scumtasticness. Top honors go to her abilities to convince anyone and everyone she is the victim in some kind of attack on herself. Whether its her ex boyfriend, woman she’s jealous of or the next poor sap in line. Perhaps even “you” the 156th guy she has sucked into her gaping maw. Caroline Oberst plays victim to extract money and possessions. She has no soul, no moral compass, and no character despite her attempts to appear as though she does. Caroline is known to accuse men of physical abuse and sexual harassment. If given the opportunity she will ruin your career, your family and your life. Fellas, be careful.