Karen Veihdeffer Rubbe — Angelic Talent Manager

Karen Veihdeffer Rubbe — Angelic Talent Manager

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This lovely “angel” as she likes to call herself likes to volunteer to feed hungry children and pretends to be mother of the year. In the meantime she likes to cheat on her own husband while fuking married men. She plays the damsel in distress while gushing all over them with compliments. Instead of working on her own dysfunctional marriage, she’s out to destroy other happy family’s. This slore is a “talent manager” for a big employer and really thinks she’s something. The only “talent” she really has is sloring around. Watch out for your husbands, ladies! This one has no morals. She takes what she wants and has no remorse whatsoever. I feel badly for anyone who crosses her path as she uses anyone she can and throws them away.

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