Kassandra Crisp — Rochelle, Illinois

Kassandra Crisp — Rochelle, Illinois

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Watch out for this looney baby sitter/ childrens teacher. She went after my guy for a little over a year. When it started i was pregnant and me and my guy still lived together in same town as this trash slut. I didnt know about her until me and my guys seperation 1 year later. She sickens me how she didnt care at all she went after my guy while she had a guy and he lived eith her nor about the hurt i felt none my feelings. She is the daughter to the mother who ran a home daycare. She would flirt with my kids dad and would randomly give our kid clothes. Our child has a ton of clothes and was not in need we take care of our kid. Just a little fyi slut. She then lead on and went after my kids dad when were physically seperated no longer living together. All the while her guy still lived with her at her mothers. She even came to my kids dads home with a birthday cake for my kid. He must of lied and told this chic his kids mom so horrid she didnt get her kid one. As why go to his house on the random which is a personal visit soo not professionl and even to think that guys kid didnt have a cake! So one day when that guy had his kods mom go to a pumpkin patch how convenient she jist happened to be there his lying ass plays he didnt know. And both are liars who had been seeing each other in 2016 and she tried hard to show she interested in him and has the nerve to use the guys kids moms nickname for their child to the kids mom. She never told her so he and kassandra are cheaters. So he got back with his kids mom in 2016 even though they stopped living together and been together also in 2017.

This must have really hurt her as she tried to commit suicide. That guys mom didnt put it together until then. Yep. So after this pyscho cheating slut went after someone i have made 10 years with and a family with she tried to make him feel guilty for choosing his kids mom and kassandra was in love with him. And he fell back in love with his kids mom in 2016 and again mentioned in 2017. Yep that guys kids mom snatched him right back but she was not really completely aware of what went on. However she told him if she around their kid shed press charges for endangerment. She has no business working with children shes mentally ill and disturbed that she did try to commit suicide in 2017. Wtf would make her think she can go to his house? She has noo shame that bitch met the mom like i said and even saw pictures up around his house as well as him showing her a picture. So she was aware he taken. She tried to lead him on to fall for her then tells him she dont want to be serious. She also made some comment that she choosing her ex who she lied to him is not an ex but the guy she been having living at her moms with her. So her suicide stunt happened a year after that. So she basicly changed her mind and wanted him back in 2017. This bitch was trying to go back and forth. Im here to say her husband needs to file for divorce. I didnt appreciate her behavior. Once a cheater always for most people. So his lying ass says she moved out of state. Really that why she now works at rochelle grade school. He said he dont want her as shes a leetch and didnt work.

He doesnt want that and shes ugly hes not attracted to her. Haa and shes pyscho. As well as admitting to mention of his kids mom to her. This evil bitch went after him during a very rough time for that guys kid and the woman this b did this to. One day this b have karma back. She tried to act like she replacing that guys kids Mom by using the nickname that the mom uses but only ever did the mom use in private. That is part of how the mom knew this bitch was seeing him behind her back. It wasnt all of how. So my point this kassandra krisp is a cruel evil bitch who tried to verbally and psycally show the kids mom she was replacing her during a seperation the mom had legally from the kid. Kassandra deserves to loose her rights as a mom and have a slut like her do that to her right back. Stupid bitch im not even half done with you for that! Shes so dumb and poor March 22 2018 at 5:18 p.m., Rochelle police cited Kassandra Crisp, 26, of Rochelle, for operating an uninsured vehicle. She posted a promise to comply. She so pyscho she wore same color outfits and took same type of photos with her guy and kid as i had with my kids dad and our kid. Talk about werid pyscho this girl is! And at least now i know your age too. 26 you are a little girl darlin. Continuing on, she even went to same places as us. Even at some of same pumpkin patch at same time i was there. Even showed up at grocery store same time and went in aisle we were in. She really needs to stay away before i send more contact to her guy. As why hasnt she told him in 2017 if she didnt want to loose him? Obviously she afraid of loosing him that she kept it from him. Or maybe that’s why the slut tried to commit suicide haa.

I remember back then texting my kids dad saying good. Hope she dies. Haa. And if my kid at her home daycare ill beat her ass. Oh yeah i drove by during day to see her taking my kid out on the town. Thats highly inappropiate. I bet she was playing she his mom to others. After all her kid somewhat resembles mine and she was looking to replace me. She wanted my life dude shes really werid. Not only that but to be me. Obviously because she wanted my guy. Fyi stop going to the house! You dont know when ill be around and neither would he at times. You went after a guy who battered the women he dated for 9 years and he dramed her. Your a fuckin stupid b provoking her. Hope you do see this online and in shock that my girls and I know as well as where you live and more. Oh and hes not single as thats not what he tellin his kids mom. He been beggin for her and sayin he want to marry her and shes the only 1. Girl u do it again you see how fast bullets be flyin when your caught. As if you even had a chance. Hes a user and your stupid. He uses chics and throws em away. Especially about his kids. Bet it did hurt why you tried to kill yourself. Good then next time dont go after my guy!

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  1. JillMarch 12, 2019 at 9:39 pm

    Stop sleeping around or I’ll come to your home and show your husband proof and invite him for some fun for going after a guy I was with u b1tch.

  2. Im confusedNovember 24, 2018 at 9:55 pm

    Wtf did i just read? Lol

  3. SoNovember 19, 2018 at 4:25 am

    First off you’re disgusting for laughing at someone being so desperately depressed that they attempt suicide. Secondly this woman has a beautiful shape so you must be jealous. And lastly you need to talk to your on again off again “guy”, he’s the liar and cheat. Illiterate fool.

  4. SarahNovember 11, 2018 at 11:17 am

    Thanks, I now have the worst migraine ever trying to make sense out of that sloppy mess you call a story. You need to go back to school and start all over again and this time pay attention in English, Spelling and Writing classes.

  5. Captain tell a dumbassNovember 7, 2018 at 7:48 pm

    How old are you?! Dear sweet baby Jesus, that was the most unintelligent, slipped together MESS, I’ve read all night. Congratulations. I bet you took him back, too. You don’t seem too bright.

  6. DoItRightNovember 7, 2018 at 6:38 am

    Your guy, your guy…. If he isn’t your HUSBAND, he IS just the guy who nutted in your unprotected vagina , you are NOT married and he is STILL on the market…. PERIOD ! How many times do women (AND men) have to be told to get MARRIED before getting knocked up. A ring and marriage license/certificate make a marriage LEGAL. On the other hand, a child, whether planned or not, does NOT !

    • MarieMarch 12, 2019 at 9:37 pm

      kassandra is married so shouldn’t she of not gone out of her marriage and relationship? Instead of blaming the poorly written writer for Kassandra’s actions. She had no business telling a kids mom “she raises” the kid in pAST. She was never the daycare worker. She lived in the home where a relative took on daily care of the child. The comment about her suicide behavior was stated because she became a danger around that kid after 1 the parents got taken away for same shit. So this cunt went around the women s son did that during a time when he lost a parent and talked lies to the other parent that she raises their kid. What I’m saying stupid people is Kassandra spitefully made fucked up comments which was lies during a hurtful family time the child’ had and the parents had. For what reason this bitch made those lies/comments to the parent? She is a bitch. When u loose your kids LEGALLy would like a cunt lying to you she raises your kids ? What’s the reason slut did that? Kassandra couldn’t say. What a bitch. She used the words “raising” why? So you as a parent would like a stranger coming up to you making up lies she raises your kid when u know damn well it not true she raising him. My pOINT again stupid bitch in comments why this slut bitch talk like this to someone’s family during a hurtful time thefamily wNt thru is beyond right , not cool, fucked up and confusing to why it was said. I’m certain she was not actually the 1 taking on the kids care the was not the 1 licensed and it was another relative hers that was. She had no authority either to take the child out on the town even though the 1 who was the daycare provider was there. I caught her 1 time when I was randomly passing by for an appointment. To hell with it this b1tch stupid she went after another guy who is an abuser and lied to make the chic be talked that she was around area. Stupid chic go ahead you’ll end up with him bruising you up using you and lying to you. She is disliked for how she disrespected a child’s mother and went after a couple and their kid during a BAD situation they had. This b1tch has been in a relationship with a guy herself so how dare anyone say just cause the other women’s guy was not husband he is not taken. Cunts Kassandra was in a relationship with a guy her own self. And I think it time I go to her man and tell him her defensive sluts defending her cheating. And for the record stupid cunt person who commented no one making fun of a person suicide stupid. My pOINT was she went around a person kid who lost a parent due to the exact behavior Kassandra did around the others kid. Kassandra didn’t deserve to be around that other women’s kid. The fuck she did have a right. It’s the law if u suicidal u are a danger to others and now I’ll call dcfs on her for her lies she raises kids she has no clue WTF she talking about just to screw with someone head and for what real reason? Whatever screwed up b1tch. U should never tell parents “U raise their kid” when you don’t. That’s fuked up. Shut your lying mouth.