Kayla Ann Sanchez — Deadbeat wife and mother

Kayla Ann Sanchez — Deadbeat wife and mother

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This fat ugly jealous piece of sh1t cheats on her baby daddy with fat ugly strippers she is so insecure and lazy her baby daddy tells me she can’t even pick up the kids from school all she does is party she’s fat ugly nasty and smells her baby her husband left her and got a prettier skinnier chick pregnant and she still claims that he loves her she posted up on social media that they are a couple when he don’t even fuking like her put up with her sh1t cuz of the kids she’s a piece of sh1t mother a deadbeat wife not living at home with her mom getting fatter and fatter and uglier she hangs around with the Garcia hoes especially Janelle Garcia they act like they’re all better when in reality they’re piece of sh1t mothers don’t clean don’t cook don’t do nothing for the kids all they do is go out suck pu55y and d1ck shame on these nasty motherfukers on top of that they exposed a innocent woman on here when they’re the dirtiest b1tches and San Antonio this Nasty motherfukers need to be exposed stop fuking on social media get up and cook for your kids clean your a55 you dirty b1tches

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