Kayla Ramirez Huber — Austin, Texas

Kayla Ramirez Huber — Austin, Texas

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This chick Kayla Huber, married name Ramirez and she works at Denny’s downtown and has been screwing a married man for the past month! She’s married herself. She abandons her kids once they go to bed and goes and gets rooms with this married man. The wife of the man she is sleeping with found all this out and confronted her but yet she still denies but confessed EVERYTHING to her husband. She’s just a piece of a** to him and she has to pay for s*x from him because that’s the only way he will screw her.

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  1. LauhhingoutloudJune 22, 2018 at 11:06 am

    I think I know who she is! Complete white trash! She thinks she’s the shit haha. She’s a liar and a theif and apparently has pending charges from her last place of employment for stealing money. Denny’s better start keeping an eye on her. And your right she does have to pay for all her men cuz that’s the only way they will pay her attention! She buys them lol ugh sorry but I don’t know what your husband saw in this fat cow. Sorry hun you had to go thru this and I hope things have gotten better for you and your husband.