“Kayla” — St. Cloud, Minnesota

“Kayla” — St. Cloud, Minnesota

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She acts like your friend but she uses people for a place to live and help getting a job or food. Once you stop helping her or get a boyfriend she gets jealous. She left back to St. Town because I got a boyfriend and was spending more time with him. I can’t keep her secrets anymore. Devyn she helped put the posts about you on here. I am sorry. Stay clear of this parasite. She’ll suck you dry. Took me being around her all the time to see she wasn’t my friend. Mick she talked shit about you all the time same with Tav.

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  1. Princess peachAugust 24, 2018 at 3:40 pm

    Wow you and this kayla person both sound like petty pieces of sh*t. Posting things that are clearly untrue about this devyn person. You both sound like immature b*tches who need to grow up. Im sure she quit being your friend for more then just getting a bf and you both shouldnt talk sh*t about anyone since you dont seem like all that. Bet both your mothers are so proud to have you as daughters NOT. Good lord what is the world coming to filled with petty b*tches.