Keith Darnell Salisbury — Pathological Liar & Washed Up Non-Musician

Keith Darnell Salisbury — Pathological Liar & Washed Up Non-Musician

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Sorry jerk makes friends with men and separately with their wives by sending them facebook messages and flattering them with words he knows the husband never says. Because of his friendship with the husband he has all the information he needs to bait the wife and lie in every possible way to make her believe her husband is running around. He becomes the confident and friend she thinks she needs at the time and after a few drinks and a little anger, he is able to persuade her into bed. He has a micro-penis so it is doubtful anyone remembers the sex but the deed happens and he brags immediately, not at all ashamed of what he did to betray the husband and manipulate and violate the wife. He has a deceased son that died tragically in its first year and I only bring the subject up because he uses the story to win over the sympathetic and compassionate woman whom he is telling is with a husband not good enough for her. He also will claim to have doctor appointments and that he is scared because of possible diagnosis. If the woman tries to break off relationship, he tells her the news is bad and that it is cancer needing treatment. And the jerk even claims to have been raped by his father’s friends as a child and that is why he has sexual problems. He is a terrible terrible man, ex-husband, father, and all around just sickening subhuman creature.

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