Kerrie Alkson — Humboldt, Iowa

Kerrie Alkson — Humboldt, Iowa

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Kerrie Alkson goes around f***ing anyone she can cheating on her man she is engaged to. She thinks she’s a bad B, but really she’s not, she just f***s to get her way. She just thinks she can get by with it and starts all kinds of drama bringing a minor into it and her so called brother that she is sleeping with. Not to mention he’s supposedly dating a stripper. She tries to ruin her ex’s life with his child and baby mama… like, she stoops really low… but I guess that’s why she the town Home Wrecker right….

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  1. TexasBarbecueAugust 11, 2018 at 4:40 am

    Petite …. hmmmmmmm

    Have more photos?


    Ha Ha Ha