Kevin Kirklen Pos lier, cheater, user

Kevin Kirklen Pos lier, cheater, user

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This pos told me he wanted me to give him a chance. He has a gf who he has been w for 2 years. They just bought a house last year! I found out he screws around on her w pp from Putnamville all the damn time. He tells you all the sweet things you want to hear. Then he screws you a few times and she finds out. He stays with her. He says he is going to leave. He didn’t. He won’t. He lies. Cheats. Uses you for sex. She jumped my a55 big time. I told her I did not know about her until others told me and he said he was leaving her. She laughed and said you wish. I qm tored of men like him. All the do is lie use you for sex. Pos doesn’t deserve to be a Lt. He uses his rank to get sex. No one stops it either.

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