Kiana Heimlich 21yo who loves married men they work with!

Kiana Heimlich 21yo who loves married men they work with!

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My friends wife caught him having sex with Kiana in her own apartment. Apparently they had been talking for a couple months and they worked together at the [REDACTED]. Kiana knew my dude was married because his wife had texted her number to stop contacting him and she still did. He wasn’t in his right mind due to other circumstances prior. He would never have entertained her if he was in his right mind he loves his wife. But Kiana wouldn’t stop and then had the balls to laugh in my friends wife’s face when she caught them. I wouldn’t have been so brave if I was her I woulda ran out of that apartment naked she’s lucky nothing happened and his wife had self control. She’s a 21yo [REDACTED] and lives in Scottsdale Arizona. She works at [REDACTED] still so better watch out for her if you bring your guy there. If your friend is going through a mental health crisis she will latch on then and seduce them then act like she didn’t do nothing wrong. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know someone is married. It was all over his social media that he was. She’s honestly just a younger uglier version of his wife. Idk what my dude was thinking but we’re gonna help him and his wife. F this home wrecker

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