Kirstie Allemand Dope [email protected]

Kirstie Allemand Dope Sk@nk

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Ok so this chick Kirstie thought it was ok to run her mouth about my best friend and get away woth it cause she cowardly blocked us well sorry Kirstie youve been caught up. You think its ok to fuk my best friends husband and wish death on her kids all cause your nasty a55 got caught. Well people if you want your d1ck to fall off and her wish death on your children be my guest. She is soooo fuking nasty guys have told her b1tch wash that snatch it smells and i aint touching you until you shower. Like who the fuk is a skank that smells??? It A DOPE skank. Good luck cheating again you nasty dope Slore. I hope you get DRDs of your mouth from sucking on that dope pipe and all the d1cks that go in your mouth.

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