Krissy Wester/Madden — Slooty clown for hire

Krissy  Wester/Madden — Slooty clown for hire

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Buckle up this is a messed up tail of lying slootery. My first run in with this clown was a couple of years ago. She own a princess childrens company and I tried to work for her. She snubbed me, so I made my own. She didnt remember who I was and wanted to be my best friend as soon as she realized I was her competition. I thought I could trust her because she was married with 2 kids but she turned out to be a lying monster. She tried several times to get alone with my boyfriend Sebastian finally began an affair with him. When I found out I was sp upset and confronted her. She tried to accuse me of bring a liar and a crazy person in the group chat for our employees. I admit I was feeling suicidal because this was such a upsetting situation. I thought she was my friend! After her messages in the group chat she privately massaged all of my employees and friends with wild lies about me. Everyone was so quick to jump ship. It was the most alone I have ever felt. I couldn’t believe she would do this to a friend let alone her husband but her legal last name is still her maiden name so I dont even know if she’s actually married. I’ve thought about telling her husband Charlie so many times or sending him screenshots of the messages between them so he can see. The worst part is she works with people’s children and she is always making uncomfortable inappropriate comments on kids like calling them fat or ugly. She really hates children but she gets so much attention from her job that she’ll never stop. Do not trust this snake she will screw your husband and leave you in the dust. She plays the part of pretty perfect princess very well but she will stab you In the back and take your man the second you stop being useful to her.

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