Kristen Loise — Revere, Massechusetts

Kristen Loise — Revere, Massechusetts

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Around Christmas of 2016 I caught my ex and the father of my daughter at a bar with a woman named Kristen Loise. He left me and our four children for about two weeks for this woman. He then came back asking me if he could come home. I was so broken hearted and in so much pain I thought letting him come back would help but after a year later and him destroying a television and a Christmas tree and leaving us, he is back with the woman he cheated on us with. Even though I thought it would make me feel better to have him back it was foolish because I always worried and wondered… I guess I was right to worry because just three weeks after we break up for the last time he’s back with the HOMEWRECKER who helped send our family down this path to be destroyed!!! She knew he had a family at home. I had sent her a text asking if she was the reason my fiancé and father of our four children was out… she knowingly slept with him and destroyed any hope there was for our family!!! Kristen Loise and Nicholas Chamness destroyed my home and family and now he refuses to see our daughter but is entertaining this woman!!!

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  1. Boston Baked BeanJanuary 15, 2018 at 7:16 pm

    I feel sorry for your children. I even feel sorry for you. I don’t like the city of Revere much. Everybody thinks they are living in a fu**ing Sopranos episode. A bunch of half ass Italian delis, prescription drug abusers and white trash.

    Your ex must be banged up on some sh*t. The girl he cheated with looks pretty hot in that pic tho…. Why not let him have a side piece? Why do you care? You have four kids with man. He can still be a good dad and get some side action. He is a man! We get bored of the same woman. He will eventually tire of her BS too. Be patient with your a**hole husband. He’ll come around again. You are mad at him. Your children feel differently. Let him in the house. He loves you. He just need to let it all out. After all, four kids with any woman is a kind of hell. Especially living in Revere. The storm clouds will clear and a sunny day will appear. Then you can all get in the minivan and drive down to Revere Beach. You can eat Kelly’s, avoid stepping on syringes and re-live your first date.

  2. BiffJanuary 12, 2018 at 6:06 am

    I saw this couple eating at Kelly’s. Then walking the beach. He then bought her a slush at twist and shout. What a small world ‼️