Kristen Powell — Speedwell Sloot

Kristen Powell — Speedwell Sloot

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Check this homewrecking slore out! She has been sleeping with a married man and she is married as well. She actually had the nerve to call my friend (the one who’s husband she was sleeping with) and tell her if she had been a better wife her husband wouldn’t have been looking elsewhere. She takes absolutely no responsibility for her own actions. She had to beg her own husband to take her back because she had no where to go. She works at {redacted} and lives in Speedwell, TN. Call her out! Her number is {redacted}

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  1. DoItRightApril 4, 2019 at 8:27 am

    Pretty attractive lady. She is correct though, IF you were more responsive and loving at home (having children should NEVER change what brought you two together, OR your love life, MAKE TIME !), he would NOT be out banging someone elses wife. FACT !