Kyla Cunningham — Des Moines, Iowa

Kyla Cunningham — Des Moines, Iowa

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This charming snake Kyla Cunningham who is otherwise known as Kyla Beard because of her obsession with the man who has sex with her. She has given birth to 3 children, all of them she has lost due to her drug use and lack of common sense. She even had a son who was fathered by her sisters long time boyfriend! She is a dirty snake. Who has a child whose hair follicle tests positive for meth and marijuana. Gives birth to a child dirty for meth and marijuana, and another taken for being dirty at birth for marijuana. This snake wasn’t sure if her last child belonged to a trick or Mr. Beard. It doesn’t matter who the father is, she doesn’t have the baby. Even animals protect their offspring! She will screw anyone willing to give her the time of day and a few dollars for Amsterdam. Stay clear of this one. She is as dirty as she looks!

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  1. Juan MartinezMarch 20, 2018 at 1:28 pm

    Why do you care who she bangs or has banged? She sounds like a true sl*t. Hope your husband is not her bf and meth dealer.