Kylee Minnis — Montana’s worst homewrecker

Kylee Minnis — Montana’s worst homewrecker

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So this little homewrecker thinks she’s cute and all wrecking marriage after marriage. sending sex memes to men. She has already caused a divorce for a family that had it going just fine for them. She will try to be your friend just to get to your man. And when she gets busted she acts like she cares about you and will say sorry and what not but when you ask her for a copy of the messages she has deleted them. Oh and she’s also married and does this. A very good friend told me that she went to school with her and she has always been under more sheets than the KKK. She cakes her makeup on to try to be pretty. She probably wears 2 different shades to go with her 2 face life style. So ladies if you have a man in your life that you don’t want no little ratchet try to steal don’t become friends with her or allow your man to even say hi to her. Any man that says hi to her she takes it to the next level and keeps going until she gets him. She’s crazy. She has been around so much her goods probably look like outdated dirty moldy rotten chicken strips just waiting to get dunked.

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