Kyleigh Mcginn — Lansing, Michigan

Kyleigh Mcginn — Lansing, Michigan

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The whole time we were together Kyleigh Mcginn had been cheating on me. She constantly lied about everything and even her closest friends agreed about it. She leads numerous people on for months and then drops them without a saying a word, then cries hysterically when they knock on her door asking what happened. She cheated on me while I was sleeping in her bed. She also claims to ‘see things’ and acts psychotic when she doesn’t get her own way. In my opinion this girl needs psychological help.

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  1. AddisonFebruary 21, 2018 at 3:19 pm

    Just be glad and happy you found this out before the wedding. Hold you head high and move on the best you can, she’s no longer your problem. And for the love of heaven, tell someone to tell that girl to go and get a decent eyebrow wax.