Laura Conciatori — Dumb slore with the IQ of a snail

Laura Conciatori — Dumb slore with the IQ of a snail

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This cvnt is a liar and a slore. Has drds. Sleeps with small d*ck men and is cruel to other women who’s men she bangs. Is a groupie for any indie rock band in Canada and will suck off any dude who’s ever been on stage. Thinks she’s hot sh1t for no reason. Is a satanic witch who does weird spells on people to ruin their lives just because she wants their man. Lies about everything to hurt other women. Is a narcissist. She was raised in Hamilton and now lives in Toronto where she is the slut of King St W. She works for Valeyo as a “communications specialist” whatever the fuk that is lmao. She’s broke and skanky. She’s a try-hard vegan and she sometimes goes by Lora Mossuto or Lora Donna.

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  1. AnatMarch 22, 2019 at 8:10 am

    Sure “she’s” not a dude, the eww face and fat nose is a dead give away. And the fact it has to pack on a mask proves it’s a fake a55 joke!