Lauren Savasuk — To the home wrecker who thought she could steal my husband,

Lauren Savasuk — To the home wrecker who thought she could steal my husband,

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I really hope you’re proud of yourself. Isn’t that the twisted feeling that you got from the whole situation? Pride? Thinking you’re taking something that belongs to someone else. Thinking you have the “one up” and that somehow you’re going to end up on top…you poor delusional moron…in what fictional world does this work out in your favor? Or anyone’s favor for that matter? Do you truly believe that what you have to offer is so significant that the decade he spent building a life with someone else will be tossed to the wayside and the two of you will run off into the sunset and live happily ever after? You must. Either that or you’re just that dirty and disgusting that you are totally ok with being nothing more than a side chick hidden away from the world. Probably a mixture of both because you don’t have the decency or the morals to stay away from married men. After all, this isn’t your first rodeo with a man that’s taken. But you’re “not that girl”? You most certainly are. This is a pattern, not a one time thing. It’s not hard to find men who will show you some attention do you think you’re special? No boo, you aren’t, you’re just easy. It’s girls like you who jump in bed with every Tom D1ck and Harry the second he drops a pick up line to try to get in your pants while good women have enough self respect to make a man work for her time and affection. You have no respect for yourself, marriage, his wellbeing, or other women in general. You’re nothing more than a loose self centered fool that believes somehow she’s better than the other home wrecking slores of the world. I assure you, you’re no different. They too believed they would be the exception to the rule and despite all odds this man would walk away from a happy marriage and an honest woman for a slore…I can’t help but chuckle. You made a comment when it all came crashing down…you said to me “you won.” We most certainly need to clear that up. In that very moment it became crystal clear just how idiotic you really are. I won? What exactly did I “win?” There is no competition. The only competition going on is in your delusional mind. You see, you and I are not the same caliber of women. We are not even on the same playing field or in the same league. No, what’s mine is mine and while you were “competing” for what’s already mine unbeknownst to me, he was making it crystal clear to you that he never had intentions of going anywhere. From beginning to end his plan was never to leave me for you and you were well aware of this. Yet still you tried to make it a game that you thought you could “win”. So while you had all of the cards laid right out in front of you, spun your web of lies, and played your heart out, you still lost just like you will “lose” every time. A relationship built on sinking sand is destined to fail miserably and that’s exactly what you’ve created with my husband. There is no foundation other than lies and deceit. You cannot step in and tear down 10+ years of a relationship built on a solid foundation of friendship that was grown the right way over a long period of time with some dark and dirty affair. It just can’t happen. You are not the one that’s there when he is sick or grumpy. You do not deal with the stresses of the household that you share together. You don’t have dozens of vacations, Hollidays, and memories together. Hell, you’ve never even spent a night together. He never gave you more than a few hours here and there when he could fit you in. He doesn’t see you at your worst, when you first wake up, when your breath smells, when you’re shaving your legs, or curled up with period cramps. No, instead you put on your A-game around each other creating some act and try to convince each other that its reality. REALITY is, if he was so “in love” with you and “unhappy” in his marriage he would have left me and he would be with you right now. It would never have been a question. If he saw you as a better partner in life, why wouldn’t he make the change and upgrade? Because that is not what you are. You are not an upgrade. You are not and will never be the woman he is proud to bring around his family, out with friends, as his date to events, or start a family with. You are a fling that gets dropped the second you start to interfere with his life and his future. So, in the end what did you really accomplish here? Is it your door he’s banging down because he can’t imagine life without you now that the lies have come out? Is he jumping through hoops to try to undo the hurt he has cause you? No, you are the dark mistake he’s running from and wishes he could undo. Are all of those things he told you coming to fruition? Is that fictional world you created suddenly crumbling while reality is smacking you in the face and biting you in the a55? Was your reputation really worth it? Was losing the last bit of respect you had from your entire family and everyone in this town worth it? Do you feel empty when you look back through all of the pictures of our happy life together and realize he was lying to you about his unhappiness just to get what he wanted from you? Does it hurt to look like the idiot that threw herself at a man that will never respect her because he doesn’t have to? Did it make you feel powerful to look me in the face pretending to be a friend while I cried about my relationship knowing you were the cause? Who’s crying now?

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