Leeann Cox Marion, Indiana


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I reunited with a past boyfriend a little over three years ago. This relationship was FAR from perfect; in fact, it was border-line HELL. He was absolutely wonderful when he was sober, but after a few drinks he became very violent. Stupidly, I stood by him every time he went to jail for domestic battery. Three days after his Feb. 29th 2012 release, we got married in a beautiful church service. I didn’t invite many people, by this point I didn’t have a lot of family members or friends that supported our relationship, understandably. I did invite one mutual friend of ours, though. Leeann Cox. I even went and picked her up! She helped with my hair and makeup, and watched as me and my husband took our vows. How was I to know that she’d end up using the pic of her and my husband at our wedding as her profile pic with the caption “Me and my love”.

January 29th, 2013 my husband was arrested yet again. This time for strangulation, criminal confinement, domestic battery and probation violation. Luckily, the neighbors heard be screaming and called the police. This time around, I refused to be his support system. So he found the need to search for one. Lucky for him, he didn’t have to search far. . .

I heard from quite a few people that there was something going on between them two, and I begged them both to just be honest! She wouldn’t reply to any of my messages, and his response?? “I swear to Jesus Christ on Calvary I’m not talking to that fat b*tch!” But thank God there was someone who cared enough to tell me the truth. HER cousin came into my job to show me her Facebook page and the profile picture of her and my husband. I want to say that I wouldn’t have taken him back anyway after all the mental & physical abuse, but I can’t. I loved him. But I CAN say, with 100% certainty, that that was the final nail in the coffin. I really do believe he’s only with her so he has someone to put money on his books, but NEVER again will I deal with the embarrassment of taking someone back over and over again that has hurt me to that degree. I’m an extremely intelligent individual, and NEVER did I believe I would deal with domestic violence…but never say never. But there is a silver lining to my cloud!!

Just last year, this chick was sleeping with my husband’s brother. And just last week, my soon-to-be ex sister in law came in the store I work in and I was telling her about it. She starts laughing and says “Not just one brother girl, she slept with my (soon to be ex) husband too!!” I had a woman show up to MY house looking for her one day last fall, my husband’s best friend’s wife. Apparently, she was sleeping with her husband too!!!

The pain all this caused is subsiding, and all that’s left is a sense of gratitude. I’m grateful that this happened to get me out of an abusive marriage. My children are grateful that they’ll no longer have to worry about their mommy. My parents are grateful they’ll no longer have to worry about my safety. Me?? I’m grateful he’s someone else’s problem, and she’ll get what she deserves at the hands of my husband.



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