Leola “Nikki” Sprague — Conniving Manipulative Narcissist

Leola “Nikki” Sprague — Conniving Manipulative Narcissist

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Nikki as she is known because she hates her first name Leola. This b1tch right here is a manipulative narcissist. She enjpys ruining relationships. I was engaged to her ex. The father of one of her kids. She talked trash on me all the time. Would send sexually suggestive messages to my ex fiance all the time. She had a way of making you believe she wasn’t that bad of a person. Played it well. She is disgusting. She has 5 kids by 5 different men. The last child that is 2 years old isn’t even my ex fiance’s. She tricked my ex into believing that that baby was his. He’s not! She went about the pregnancy just fine. Then after that baby was born told my ex that he isn’t the father. Real winner she is. Anyway, all this stress and her constantly sending shitty emails caused me to lose my mind and tell my fiance to leave. I still love him but he’s decided no more dating or relationships. He was my best friend and my forever. This b1tch wrecked it. Destroyed our happiness. Shes a slore! Shes a cheater and fake. Watch out ladies shes on the prowl. After she destroyed my relationship she went on to her next victim. Some guy named Terry….good luck buddy. She will cheat on you too. Smh!

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