Liane Armstrong: Alcoholic, homewrecker, never has her kids

Liane Armstrong: Alcoholic, homewrecker, never has her kids

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Liane Armstrong. Mid twenties, known sl00t of the area. Alcoholic, smoked while she is pregnant. Drinks and drives putting her kids at risk in the car. Now has 4 children, different baby daddies. There was a time she didn’t live with her children. Now she chooses to leave her boyfriend at home with HER kids while she is out hoeing around texting anyone, married, taken, especially if they are going through a hard time in life and she thinks she can wiggle her way in. She will ruin people’s life because she is secretly not happy with her own life that’s why she drinks every day. No respect for anyone in their marriage, family, relationship. She has no respect for herself. She was married for a minute until she was caught cheating too many times and husband cheated on her then that wasn’t okay, so they separated, the father took his kids, the two girls. She complained online about missing her girls and not being able to see them. But hours later posting selfies, smiling and happy, and drinking and partying. Yes that’s a drink in her hand getting fuked up next to another one of her children. She thinks she is cute by hoeing around and feeling like she can steal womens men, but she definitely ain’t sh1t and needs to get her life together. Because Karma is a real b1tch.

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