Lisa Glazer and Mark Thek Victims

Lisa Glazer and Mark Thek Victims

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2013 Their 11 Year Anniversary….And What year “Lovers” of Mark Thek, where you with Mark Thek ? Hi Lisa Glazer. You have been Mark Thek #1 girlfriend or partner for many years. Questions for you. Have you had an open relationship where he can date or have sex with other women? Did you know he was having sex and relationships with other women? Why have you stayed with him all these years if he has been with so many as, 100 of other women? Why are you so mean and disrespectful to women who contact you about them, not knowing about you? How many women has Mark been with the last 16 years or more since his divorce? Do you worry about DRD? AS he sex it up all over women bodies with his mouth. Lick Suck Penetrate. DRDS and other DRD are very catchy. It has been seen He has given women DRD. How do you deal with him being a Narcissist? Why did he get let go of his job as President? AS it was said he had a sexual harassment case at the company against him. A few women was outing him, of being a sexual predator? He tried to take them to court to sue the women. What other issues has been done to women outing him of him being a sexual predator? Why are you ok with him being a romance scammer? What do you tell your children? What does Mark tell his Children? Why are you being an accessory of Mark Thek, you Lisa Glazer being an accessory to him crimes of being a romance scammer of hurting women? Do you Lisa Glazer think you should be in trouble by the law for protecting a criminal? Thank You, Lisa Glazer, for sharing your Public FB photos. Mark Thek and Lisa Glazer are purposely deceiving and hurting women doing criminal acts, soon they will be in front of a judge of being Psychopaths. To the Victims of Mark Thek and Lisa Glazer, You were deceived by a Narcissist. May you seek and find healing and they get sued or go to jail.

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