Lisa Marie Calderon aka Lisa Marie Lopez Narcissistic Homewrecker

Lisa Marie Calderon aka Lisa Marie Lopez Narcissistic Homewrecker

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She is an evilbeing she manipulated my husband to leave his family of 17 years my husband was sent by his company to a [REDACTED] Schaumburg Illinois to fix the broken ATM she started flirting with him and gave him his number told him that she can get hand sanitizers rubbing alcohol bounty have paper towels and Charmin toilet paper from CVS to bring home to his wife that was just as the pandemic was breaking out within one month she manipulated my husband into giving her an engagement ring she claimed that she was pregnant from him he moved in with her and her four grown sense she still married through her own husband out and took my husband traumatize my three children by pretending to be their father and emailing my kids and me through his email group texting my children and me from his phone telling my children that their father is never ever coming back he doesn’t wanna have anything to do with them he’s completely isolated from all family and friends nobody knows his personal cell phone he was made to change it three times already the only number we do have for him is his work number what she controls that one too she tracks him on his phone she does not allow him to visit his children or to give them the child support money I took him for their birthdays and give them presents she completely took over his financial accounts she talked them into buying her the house his children were waiting for and this is all within knowing her one month my husband does not sound like himself anymore he sounds like he’s on drugs in which he never did in his life he was made and told to file false harassing police reports against history children me and his own mother she filed a restraining order she made him sign it and take my kids and me to court to stay away from him for two years but she lost she also lost that fetus she claimed to be from my husband being a 41-year-old Obese diabetic married woman of four grown sons and took pride in traumatizing and destroying three innocent young children and breaking up their family she kept texting my kids that are living a sad life and for them to MoveOn I will leave their father and her alone that he is her husband her children’s father they will never see him my husband hasn’t seen his own children for months now this happened back end of February 2020 within two weeks of my husband being there there were so many police reports filed against my children and me it was ridiculous my children and me and his own mother are all blocked from him nobody can contact him she is a narcissist in evil one she pretends to be my husband and emails and he’s texting my children from his email and his phone bad mouthing me their mother to my children leaving terrorizing and traumatizing voicemails on my children’s phones She does not allow my husband to even talk on the phone it Hass to be on the speaker she grabs the phone out of his hands and hangs up when his kids were calling him she curses and swears at my children at me at his mother and my mother she immediately forced him to go grocery shopping for her children that are a grown men and for her doggy he is completely isolated from everyone and it’s terrifying because being with my husband for 17 years and having three children 14-year-old twins and 11-year-old daughter I know for a fact he would never abandon his family and his mother Instantly for someone he barely knew for a month it’s fuken Terrifying she does not allow him to go and help his mother or visit her or his children only her and her children she’s a sick disturbing Homewrecking cvnt

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  1. Devil's AdvocateNovember 19, 2021 at 9:48 am

    You poor thing. Nobody manipulated your husband. He made choices.