Lori Buecler — Watch out for this one

Lori Buecler — Watch out for this one

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As I was sitting at a local bar with my friend, my boyfriend was sitting across the bar from me talking to his friends, this woman comes up hanging all over him and trying to pick him up, Now this is after watching her run around the bar hanging all over different men. I walked over to where he was sitting and she laughingly introduced herself to me. She was drunk and just acting slorish. I thought nothing more of it until next thing I know they are now Facebook friends….. so I started asking around to find out that this is a norm for her. She had been recently screwing a married man, and still possibly is, while flirting up my boyfriend. And this is not the first married man that she has been involved with. Not including the numerous cheating with other women’s men, and cheating on the men she was with. She is not a woman to be trusted. She will try to be friends with you… the woman, all the while she is texting, messaging and flirting with your man. I confronted my man with what I knew and he deleted her… but who knows… she doesn’t seem like the type of person to give up that easily The more I learn about her I realized this woman is looking for any man, not caring if they are married in a relationship or whatever. She just needs their attention and to screw as many guys as she can. She is a nurse or something in her 40s acting like a 21 year old slore. I am putting this out there as a warning to all NPR females…. watch out for her.. because if he strikes her fancy, she will be all over your man.

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