Lynnette Deanne Fey — San Antonio, Texas

Lynnette Deanne Fey — San Antonio, Texas

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My husband of 20 years started cheating with a woman who is 12 years his junior and a chain smoking alcoholic with at least 3 DUIs. She met him while he was trying to play big shot sitting court side at Thebes’s San Antonio Spurs game with tickets he didn’t even purchase. One of his clients bought the tickets. She thought she was getting this rich man. The clients wife called me to tell me about my husband cheating with this drunk at the games. I looked on his phone bill and sure enough, every time I went to work on my night shift at the hospital, he was talking to her. I called her and confronted her and her only reply was that he was just talking to her and . She was so surprised when I said he didn’t have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of! He was telling her a big story about all the things he owned. Long story short. I divorced him after I found out they were seeing each other again after 3 years and now he lives in a hotel and she lives in her parents house after they blew through houndreds of thousands of dollars of his inheritance. He started calling me after two months to try to “get back together”. Lol ! No way loser! She drunk texts me in the middle of night every so often. I have had to block her numbers from me and my kids phones and block her from Facebook, twitter etc. what what a couple of giant losers. You reap what you sow!

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  1. LynetteSeptember 12, 2017 at 7:06 pm

    This is the person she posted about. The persons name who posted this is Teresa Ann Burrow Parra. I am about to post a few things in defense to these lies of hers. Yes, I did know her ex when he was still legally married, but far from being the one to blame for him divorcing her. And I repeat, he divorced her, not the other way around, as she says, which public records show he is petitioner, she is respondant. He also never had courtside tickets to any Spurs game. Let’s just say he did, then if I met him at a spurs game courtside, which I did not, then that would have meant I was sitting courtside with my own tickets and therefore wouldn’t give a shit about someone else’s seats. Yes, later I did find out he did have season tickets, just not close to being courtside, If she was correct with saying it was his clients seats and not her ex-husbands then why would his client give him tickets? Shouldn’t her ex be giving his clients tickets to games? So either way her accusations are wrong. A bank statement shows he paid for those tickets, not his “client”. She is so caught up on him meeting me at a Spurs game, but the fact is that a mutual friend of theirs introduced us before we dated each other. His ex wife just wants to believe we met at a game because in the past he was too embarrassed to take her to the games due to the way she acted in public and embarrassed him while they were together. So she rather think we met there than believe the truth. The only Spurs games we attended together were with tickets I paid for after they separated and divorced. I by no means was after any of his so called money according to her. If so, then why would we have been in contact 3 years later again as she stated if I was supposedly so surprised he didn’t have anything when I first met him as she stated?? And him having that kind of inheritance is a joke. His dad was in bankruptcy at his passing and everything has been done in his power to save what little that could be saved at his own expense. In fact, each son got 15,000 exactly, in which he spent his part paying back taxes owed to save one of the houses for his disabled brother to live in. And besides, she said he didn’t have anything, then says he had hundreds of thousands of dollars, well which is it? This is really the funny part, I never got or asked for a dime from him, I actually put my own money up for some business transactions that involved him and his business. He works hard and still gives money to his grown children when they yell and demand it from him and even still helps his ex wife when she begs and cries for money even though they have been divorced for many years. I bet after what she has now done to maliciously​ try to defame me and him that he will not be the helping her in her times of need. Like when she needed money to catch up on payments for her house that she ended up losing anyways due to not following court orders in her bankruptcy to pay the back payments, so where did the money go he gave her if she didn’t make payments?? He also helped when she begged right before her car got repossessed​, also when she needed a plane ticket to attend her mothers funeral, when she needed plumbing work done, when she needed car repairs, when she needed utilities paid after them getting turned off, and the list goes on and on. She is the one who took advantage of his kindness. And the DUI thing… I was arrested for ONE. . Had she done her research, she would have known it was once and that I did have to get rebooked on the same charge due to missed court dates since I travelled for work at the time so it looked like multiple DUI offenses which it wasn’t. And I did not get convicted of that by the way. She is correct in that I have text her. I did in defense to myself when she was texting me after trespassing on my property looking for GPS units she put on our cars that we later found and also text in defense when she said that her ex was taking me on vacations and buying me an RV instead of helping their adult son who is addicted to heroin and refuses to work and expects others to pay his way in life. I let her know she was wrong and to stop lying to their kids. Well, we both have put our own money up for our vacations. And what is wrong with two grown adults taking vacations? As far as the RV, it is mine and only mine. I purchased it and pay for it. And about me living at my parents is somewhat true, the house was in fact under their name when we moved in. I let my son live in my condo and I moved to my parents home when they moved in to a retirement community out of town. They ask me to move into it and have been given the home, which I pay for and have put plenty of my own money into for upgrades. And yes, while we had taken a break for awhile and figuring out if we both had the same long term goals and felt he also had issues he needed to solve with his childrens problems before we work on our future, He did text her during that time and asked if she was drunk and if they could get together that weekend. So ya, seems like he was definitely trying to get some easy ass from her! She said in this blog he contacts her about the kids as an excuse. Well, I have years of his texts where she texts over and over and over about asking about their grown kids when they don’t answer her calls and texts him for money, so she must be confused. She is correct about her statement, you reap what you sow! I saw her previous comment a few days ago that she had deleted once she realized that it had her name on it, wonder why she doesn’t want to own up to everyone who she is? Why did she delete the post that had her name on it??? Because she is quick to blame others for her failures and to put attention on others and is scared the truth will come out about their heroin addicted son and felony convicted daughter for drug sales. She makes it out to seem that her family is perfect and tries her best to keep up with Joneses, but she should really just concentrate on keeping up with her bills and not getting the utilities turn off constantly and begging for help. She can put me down all she likes, but I have never had to depend on a man or beg anyone for help to pay my bills or any other everyday expenses like she does constantly. She decides to post about me many years after their divorce because she is bitter that they both failed at their marriage and that his only response to her after she was begging for him back, was followed up by a question from him if she was drunk yet for the night for a piece of ass! She is the one who uses and abuses his kindness and asks for money constantly…and she calls me the bad person here? Let me say again, I do not and have not asked him for anything. Doesn’t mean he hasn’t bought me any gifts,, but I do not depend on him for money, ask for money, or expect money, or demand money like his family does. I am not perfect nor claim to be close, but I at least am realistic and do not insult people with lies as she does. She thinks she “wins’ with this post about me, but all this is, is malicious intent and defamation. My response is only in defense to this intentional damage she is trying to cause. I post the only the truth and my next step will be forwarding my phone records showing her calls to me and old voicemails left by her from a work phone she used to harass me. I also have the GPS unit she planted on my car. I also have the proof of her trespassing on my property trying to find the GPS unit. I really do not feel the need to make everyone aware of all of her antics and lies and games here, but trust me there is plenty more for people to know about this person and the proper people will be informed …good night all!!!!