Madeleine J. Decker Bubbles aka Bubbalicious aka Homewrecking Floozy

Madeleine J. Decker Bubbles aka Bubbalicious aka Homewrecking Floozy

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Maddie aka Bubbles aka Bubble07 likes to find her victims via dating/sugar baby/floozy sites. She preys on married men and makes them break their vows to their wife and family. No regard or respect for other women. She is a soul crusher. Only out for money, she could care less about the destruction she causes to get it. She spreads her legs for any man. Even though she beat cancer and has been given a 2nd chance at life she wastes her gift by being an evil, selfish, succubus. Don’t be fooled by her fake smile or sweetness. She is dishonorable and will stab you in the back. Ladies, hides your husbands, boyfriends, and lovers because she is coming for their wallets and will ruin them and disgrace herself to get it all for a chance to waste her life away getting high and giving nothing back to this world other than pain and destruction.

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