Magda Engelbrecht – Doha, Qatar

Magda Engelbrecht – Doha, Qatar

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I have a little story for all you guys which I hope will give you all hope. This woman is called Magda a South African living in Qatar, the man is Adie Furniss who works in Afghanistan for KBR. When these two met on an internet sex site Adie was a married man and this sl*t was a desperate tart looking for any man she could find and it didn’t matter if they were married. Magda was very aware that Adie was married had two kids and a home but selfishly wanted a man with a good wage for herself regardless of the hurt she caused.

This dirty little sl*t happily met up with Adie for sex and insisted he left his family and provided her with what she wanted even according to him insisting he no longer have contact with his kids and he had to leave his wife of over 20 years with nothing so she could have it. This woman has hid Adie from the authorities who want to speak to him on serious charges including domestic assault which she is not only not bothered about but thinks it’s ok for Adie to hurt and beat his wife so she doesn’t interfeer with their plans. She has enjoyed many holidays treats and a new car from her disgusting Ill gotten gains.

Now while I could go on by the evil and disgusting behavior of both of these bottom feeders I think you all get the idea of just what disgusting objects they are so now I’m going to tell you how karma is working her magic because I promised you all a bit of hope. Adie has lied to Magda about everything since day one. He told her lies about his wife and marriage and made her all sorts of promises he has no intention of keeping. He is putting blatant lies on social media and even using the same description of his marriage about his new relationship saying he loves Magda to bits and what they have is magical exactly what he used to say to his wife. He’s using the same memes the same expressions to Magda as he said to his wife and how do we know because he is posting these things publicly to his wife using Magda to make his wife jealous.

Adie is using Magda’s friends to abuse his wife and is spreading his lies to gain pity from friends and family while making Magda feel his wife is a threat to their relationship telling her that his wife is trying to break them up actually turning his vile behaviour into a way to keep this woman trapped in a relationship and do as he wants. Adie only wants Magda’s lifestyle as he has been heard often saying how great it is to go on holidays have his time off in Qatar and not have to spend his money on responsibilities like a mortgage as he made his family homeless so he could have the money for his playboy lifestyle. Magda is unaware that this man is an alcoholic and a serial cheater and currently has several woman that he chats to on the internet and his many phones. She is like many woman who don’t have the upbringing or morals to understand that you don’t start a relationship with a married man and is desperate to believe the lies she is being fed by this evil little conman. Magda even believes Adie’s lies that his divorce took two years because of his wife when in reality he dragged it out over and over again refused to apply for the decree absolute despite a judge telling him to insisted on going to court and made stupid demand after demand and the minute he couldn’t get to his wife through the solicitor he found her on social media sending her pics of him and Magda his holidays and his new car that he bought because it was a bigger better version of the one his wife drives.

She doesn’t realize she is being used to get to his wife and Adie is purposely bringing his wife into their relationship to control her. Karma is getting her because she is now suffering the same treatment his wife suffered for years the difference is his wife was aware of it and tried her hardest to protect their children while giving Adie every chance to change but Magda is a bit to thick to see what’s right in front of her and is happily going along with Adie’s ridiculous lies so she can feel better about the damage she has done to three innocent people. Thanks for reading I hope you all see that what goes around comes around and if you are interested his wife’s life is fantastic now that she is free of this nasty controlling lowlife and just so it’s clear I’m not related to or married to Adrian

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  1. BreeJanuary 24, 2019 at 5:09 pm

    Ok so I got about half way through this book before it lost my attention. That man has chose her over you. He has abandoned you and your children. He has left you and your kids homeless. Why are you even wasting your time on this pathetic pos. If a man gets online looking for another woman it takes all the sh1t off her. He did this. She was on a dating site. She was looking for a man. That’s what people do all the time. But the min a married man signs up he has chose every other woman over his wife and family. That’s like posting a floozy. It’s her job to screw for sex. She’s a hoe. But that married man he paid for sex.. Please pull your big girl panties up. Let her have the POS. Show your kids that you will be perfectly fine without him. You don’t want your kids thinking this is how a man treats a woman.