Manoeska Clarke Sloot of the year!

Manoeska Clarke Sloot of the year!

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This woman who is also my uneducated sister is what you would consider the epitome of a scumbag. Absolutely no morals, no values and downright disgusting. She has been sleeping with men even getting pregnant by a married man who’s wife was pregnant. Meanwhile she is well was also married and 3 children from 3 different fathers while claiming they were her husbands. She has lied, cheated and destroyed her family all while making claims that she is the victim… FAR FROM IT! She claims to be a Christian but goes around abusing people with her words and actions. Manoeska has always had this God complex and then sleeps with men behind her husband’s back and lies to everyone once caught. What an absolute disgrace. She couldn’t even finish high school yet uses her body to get what she wants. You little sister are a disgrace to our family and I hope karma repays you! [REDACTED]

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