Marcus Goodwin — Jefferson City, Missouri

Marcus Goodwin — Jefferson City, Missouri

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I’m not really sure on where to start off in all honesty. There was a post made about me. It was only somewhat true. The man I make this post about well everything I’m going to say is true. I was a teenager and he was a grown man.

I allowed him to manipulate me and make me look incredibly stupid. That was in the beginning. Towards the end I was terrified of him. When it began it was not supposed to be what it was. He had lied and insisted that he and his wife were not together and that they only lived together for their kids. When I left my husband it was not to be with this man. My husband and I got married very young and he had cheated on me. Him and I had decided long before Marcus came along that we would not be in a relationship. When I had told Marcus I was leaving my husband he had asked me to move to the city where he lived. He offered me a job and support if I needed it. Of course I took it and moved here. I was a little short on money and he had given me 385 for my first months rent. Unfortunately things did not work out there and I had needed a place to stay. I had thought about going back to Ohio which is where my family is from but he had insisted he would help me find a place here. He did. He had talked his wife into letting me stay there. When I got there I realized that it was not what he had told me at all. When I confronted him he quickly tried to say she was putting on a show because there was someone new in the house. I had paid them 400 dollars in rent to stay at their place. After a week or two of staying there i has told someone about Marcus and I. Which that one person told multiple other people. He then found out and became violent. In front of his kids and his wife. She did nothing to shield them or stop him. He took my phone so I couldn’t call anyone. He had kicked me out and as I was gathering my stuff he had calmed down. Asking me if I was willing to stay longer and that he had apologized. Because I truly had no option other than his house and homelessness I chose to stay. A week or two later I finally found my own place. I moved in and had no more contact with his wife but because Marcus was my boss I had no choice but to have contact. Later that month I found out I was pregnant with his baby. After finding out he was sleeping with one of the other managers at Ihop in the storage room. I only know because I walked in. I have a ton of fertility problems and ended up miscarrying. As time went on he started to act like he cared more and more for me. He made several promises. Then in May of 2017 I worked late in order to make more money. Marcus wanted to hang out so of course I stayed. When his wife came to pick him up she had bashed my windshield with a brick from the side of the building and Marcus had helped cover it up. He paid for the repairs in an attempt to keep quiet and grew upset when I made a police report two days later. He had threatened my job. He had known it was his wife who bashed my windshield and still stayed up all night that night at my house in an attempt to comfort me and find someone to fix the windshield. A few months after that I found out he was sleeping with another manager at Ihop. With me believing everything he had told me about his wife and him as well as the fact that he wanted to be with me I was upset. Yet again he threatened my job. He told me there was only one way out of the relationship and that was if I didn’t have my job too. In the months that followed I worked my ass off for a promotion one that did not come from Marcus but came from upper management. I took extra shifts, I trained in other positions, I made sure things were done right and even covered other positions when we were short so my relationship with Marcus had nothing to do with my promotion although once I was promoted he threatened to have it taken. More than once. Then in October I found out yet again he was sleeping with a dishwasher from Ihop and got even more upset. I confronted him and he yet again became violent. Leaving bruises on my neck and arms. I was terrified. I felt I had no where else to go. No other good paying jobs to support my child and I. The next month he had told me he wanted a baby….which was not something I wanted. I did not want to be stuck with him. But then in December I conceived my son. In an attempt to discredit me he told many people I wasn’t sure who the father was…but I am because I only slept with him during the time I got pregnant. While he was sleeping with everyone. We had tried to make a relationship work and he even informed his wife about us but then I found out another server was having his daughter and she was due a few weeks after I was with his son and another manager came forward to say that they had sex behind the dumpster. So I chose to be done. I have screenshots and pictures to prove exactly what I’m saying. As well as voice recordings and videos. If his new job really wants him to work there they should probably look into his background

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  1. WowJuly 11, 2018 at 4:55 am

    It sounds like you’ve really suffered for believing this scumbags lies and let’s be honest it could have happened to a lot of people because we were all young and innocent once. I hope you reported him to not only IHOP so that he can’t use them as a reference on his resume, but to his new employer also. What a disgusting man and I pity his wife.

    • The serverOctober 14, 2018 at 1:47 am

      I’m the server who was brought up in this post. I can completely verify everything that was said in this post to be true. I know firsthand of all this woman went through and the lies in which he told. He told me the same lies and we were having relations at work. I did conceive his daughter and had her a few weeks ago. She looks like him and the writers child. I ruined my relationship because of him however I was being abused at home and he took advantage of me being weak upset and vulnerable. Now there are two women here raising this man’s child and he will have to pay the piper eventually. There were no true feelings between him and I but it still hurts to say the least.

  2. GrandmasterJuly 8, 2018 at 1:02 pm

    It seems he likes to pray on women in the work place and uses his position of power to sleep with them and then when he doesn’t get his way he threatens and manipulates. This is not a man that should be able to hold any kind of power. He is corrupt and any place that hires him should know that

  3. That’s what you getJuly 8, 2018 at 7:23 am

    For messing with black men. You could have ended that at any time, but you chose to keep it up. You got everything you deserved

    • The serverOctober 14, 2018 at 1:48 am

      Wow racism runs deep in your veins huh? White men do the same.

    • WowJuly 11, 2018 at 4:56 am

      Seriously? Because it’s only black men who have ever done this? The op was young, no need to be an ignorant asshole