Marie (MJ) Duvall — Wake Forest, North Carolina

Marie (MJ) Duvall — Wake Forest, North Carolina

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MJ Duvall works at Xerium Technologies in Wake Forest, NC and David’s Bridal (really!) in Raleigh, NC. Anyone want a homewrecker as your bridal consultant? She met my husband on Tinder and starting fucking him right away despite knowing he was married with 2 young children. She is the biggest fraud I have ever heard of. Everything that comes out of her mouth is make-believe. She claimed she’d only been married 1 time and that the marriage ended bc her husband cheated. I have since been in touch with the ex-husband and learned that she has been married THREE times, and all 3 of those marriages ended bc SHE cheated. She said she has 50% custody of her 2 kids, but she ACTUALLY has 0% custody and is only allowed to see them 2 days per month with no overnights allowed. She has repeatedly gone after married men and tried to make them leave their wives. My husband called it off a few weeks before I found out about their affair, and when he tried to end it she passive-aggressively (but so transparently) tried to demean and belittle me in an effort to make him leave me and our children and be with her. She even begged him to keep her “on the side”. I had the pleasure of reading through many of the texts and emails that they exchanged and to say that this piece of shit is nasty is the understatement of the year. The shit she wrote was depraved. “I want you to cum all over my face and body and watch me lick it off….you made me cum so hard, my pussy is sore…I want to piss on you while you fuck me in the ass.” This cunt is also a pathological liar. I guess she’s so unimpressed with herself that she feels the need to make up stories to impress men. She told my husband that she had an MBA when in reality she has 2 semesters at a community college. She completely made up a story that she was raped, and after “teasing” my husband with her “deep, dark secret”, she finally brought my husband to the “scene of the crime” and told him about it so that she could garner sympathy. She even used the “I was afraid you would think less of me” tactic. Puh-lease. And this woman is not 16 – she’s forty-fucking-three! Obviously with the emotional maturity of an adolescent. She also claimed to have run several ultra-marathons, when in fact she has run exactly zero of them. She even gave my husband names of specific races she had run. Does she not realize you can look these things up?! She said she started doing ultras bc marathons “became boring”…yet she runs a 5.5 hr marathon (which is ridiculously slow). Last of all, after I found out about their affair, my husband sent her an email asking her to leave us alone. That night she egged our house and TOOK A SHIT BEHIND MY HUSBAND’S CAR. This woman is psycho on top of it all. Men and women: Beware if you ever come across her.

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