Mariea V. Young — Clifton Park, New York

Mariea V. Young — Clifton Park, New York

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Mariea V. Young has ruined many relationships. With whom? Fathers and their children. I have watched this vile women destroy multiple relationships with men and the children they have had prior. It always starts the same, she wants to know the kids and their mother, meets mother, turns on kids and in turn, turns the father against the kids as well. One poor women didn’t talk to her father until her child was almost a year old. In this case, she had cheated on the HUSBAND with a “friend” on “hard times” who needed a place to stay. In turn, she slept with the man in the same bed that her husband and her slept in. I mean, how low can you really go? Upon being exposed initially, she disowned her entire family, all of whom were calling her out. If you see this women LOOK OUT. She will not stop until she bleeds you dry of not money, not time, but emotion. Personally I am pretty sure she gets off on ruining lives, but that’s just one man’s honest opinion on a women he had known for 18 years.

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  1. I know herNovember 8, 2017 at 1:37 pm

    Her husband was a good man, but didn’t like her son. His daughter and her got along until high school, then teenage “you’re not my mom” stuff got real bad with nobody playing interference. His ex (her mom) was MIA until she graduated, and step mom made the kid invite her to grad party.

    Don’t see why this is an issue now. Wife left 4 years ago and both those “kids” are 24 . She stayed married to the dad only to keep the step daughter (who probably posted this) on her insurance because she got pregnant.