Marita Buckner will pretend to be your friend while she steals your husbanf

Marita Buckner will pretend to be your friend while she steals your husbanf

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Marita Buckner has a reputation in and around Royse City, TX for being a flirt and a homewrecker. She dresses provocatively and lives for attention. I was friends with her before I knew about her reputation and started to see her disgusting behavior. Our sons are friends and our families became close. We spent a few vacations together and often hung out at each others houses. Little did I know she was after my husband and was messaging him and eventually meeting in person for sex. I knew she had a reputation and could see she flirted with every Dad and coach around but thought my husband was better than that. How wrong I was. They carried on a 5 yr affair. Turns out my husband is just as trashy as she is. He lied for years and when I would confront him about her interference in our marriage he gaslighted me and tried to make me seem crazy. Once the slore divorced her husband then she put the full court press on my husband to leave me. It took 1 1/2 years. At one point she even found him a rental property and tried to get him to sign a lease. He refused then but a year later he finally left his family for her. They deserve each other. This isn’t the first time she’s cheated and it won’t be the last. She is now divorced and my husband and I are divorcing too. My husband has moved in with her and her kids even knowing his son hates him and his whore for what they’ve done. They are both selfish entitled narcissists. Beware ladies, don’t leave your husbands alone near Marita Buckner. She has no shame.

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