Marnie Katherine Haley — SLOOT AND WHITETRASH

Marnie Katherine Haley — SLOOT AND WHITETRASH

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this women is a gold digger fat lazy piece of sh1t who lives off the government and tells the guys she gets involved with how her father is a alcoholic and beats her and her mother has cancer ( NONE OF ITS TRUE) she gets with you and then cheats on you swear up and down that its not true and will cover her tracks. she will tell all her friends how you guys aren’t together until you start going out with someone else and then comes back and states all these excuses while also trashing you behind your back she spreads herpes and DRDSaround everyone she has been in contact with and has a catheter when shes dating someone to cover up her cheating she states she has a low sex drive when shes getting it on the side she also has her son calling every guy she fuks daddy she has had family thrown in jail and ruined marriages shes nothing but dirty useless trash and to be honest i hope one day her son get taken away her son deserves a real mother not a slore and not someone who uses her son for hand outs and a free ride

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