Mary Caitlin Nunnery — Till death do us part

Mary Caitlin Nunnery — Till death do us part

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This woman began the snowball that forever ruined an entire family from the suicide of my fiancé. My fiancé and I moved to Nashville together late September 2017. Our relationship had been volatile for some time due to addiction and lies. We were making a fresh start for ourselves or so that was the plan. My fiancé found a job that he loved and everything seemed to be falling into place. Early November I began to notice a change in his behavior. He was moody and withdrawn. The tension grew over the next couple of months. During this time he would tell me elaborate stories about his work mates one in particular Mary, who he told me repeatedly was gay. I didn’t think anything of it until he stopped talking about Mary and became even more withdrawn… After he didn’t come home all night two weekends in a row we had a huge fight. I kicked him out…. Or attempted to. He went back home to his mothers to clear his head and came back very apologetic wanting only to work things out…. this lasted a month during there was more fighting and I was always walking around on eggshells not knowing what to expect. He had an addiction problem and that complicated things… we had our biggest fight on March 2, 2018 when he confessed there had been someone else but that it was no longer going on. My heart was shattered that day… It was not the first time he had been unfaithful but it was the most painful because I knew the woman… I had met her at his job… she had smiled at me and spoke to me all the while knowing she was wrong. I’m 40 and she was 26 and beautiful it crushed my self esteem and almost killed me… I attempted to kick him out again and he went home for the weekend but came back begging my forgiveness swearing it would never happen again that I was the only love of his life that he had made a grave mistake due to being under the influence and feeling neglected at home at the time… we had been together through so many things each one worse than the last… I loved him with all my heart and soul so I took him back and we began to work on things… I could never truly forgive him and unfortunately I brought her up every chance I got… I was hurt and I couldn’t see past how I was made to feel and I wanted him to hurt just a little so I used it. I’m not proud of that. I regret every time I did. Things got better and seemed to be going great… Things were calm for the first time in a long time. He told me many horrible things about Mary and was very honest and forthcoming with anything I asked about the afair…. things I wish I had never asked. He promised he had cut all ties with her and she had quit her job right after I found out. I got up in the early morning hours to go to the bathroom on June 15, 2018 and he wasn’t in the bed… I went out to the living room to check on him and found him hung in the doorway to our deck.. I called 911 and struggled to get him down he was so much bigger than me… I finally got him down and did 8 minutes of CPR by myself until EMS arrived. He didn’t make it… Everything after is a blur. My children 13 and 17 at the time were asleep in their rooms just feet from this horror scene… And just like that life as all of us knew it was crushed… I am angry with him and I miss him and grieve his loss every day. His family, my kids, his friends and I will never have closure. So many lives distroyed for a few acts of lust. After he was gone I found out that he’d kept in contact with her and had even spoke to and possibly seen her the week he died… my daughter contacted her out of anger and grief on Facebook and she called my 17 year old child nasty names and blamed me for my fiancé’s death. Devistated doesn’t even begin to cover the ruin that she helped create and she has never missed a nights sleep she’s never cried till she puked due to grief for him she’s never had to answer for anything.. she doesn’t even care that he’s gone. He was my heart my love my true soulmate and I am forever lost without him.

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