Mary Kuchman — Norfolk, Virginia

Mary Kuchman — Norfolk, Virginia

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Mary has no class. She was having sex with my husband and then my husband blindsided me with this affair. He left me for her after 15 years. She knew we were a family. Not only that she became obsessed with my life. She wanted so bad to be me. She will have sex with married men all the time and would not think twice about it. Finally my husband left her and her baggage. He saw the light. But for some reason she still won’t give up. What… just to piss me off… it doesn’t. I think it’s funny because she knows that all she was, was used and tosssed away. She is pathetic. She will never have any morals. She has bed bugs but calls them flees. She can’t ever seem to find her own man. She should be ashamed but she wasn’t brought up right. She still is obsessed with my husband even after he left her. She never get it when a man says they are done stop begging and just let go. She is just mad bc at the end of the day I AM THE WIFE. She lied to her whole family and friends saying he was in middle of divorce. Maybe if she stops being a concubine maybe she will find someone but she will always be someone elses side chick. She loves breaking up a family. She just thought dam heres a man that takes care of his kids and wife let me try to replace her. Oh that didn’t turn out so well, when mistresses want to be like wife the husband finds his way back home. He finally left her and came to his senses. He couldn’t handle her dirtyness and baggage.

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  1. JessicaMay 16, 2018 at 7:04 am

    But you take him back? After he is done playing?? What is wrong with women?????? Wife or not he needs to be on here right beside his mistress