Mary Kuchman — Norfolk, Virginia

Mary Kuchman — Norfolk, Virginia

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Mary has no class. She was having sex with my husband and then my husband blindsided me with this affair. He left me for her after 15 years. She knew we were a family. Not only that she became obsessed with my life. She wanted so bad to be me. She will have sex with married men all the time and would not think twice about it. Finally my husband left her and her baggage. He saw the light. But for some reason she still won’t give up. What… just to piss me off… it doesn’t. I think it’s funny because she knows that all she was, was used and tosssed away. She is pathetic. She will never have any morals. She has bed bugs but calls them flees. She can’t ever seem to find her own man. She should be ashamed but she wasn’t brought up right. She still is obsessed with my husband even after he left her. She never get it when a man says they are done stop begging and just let go. She is just mad bc at the end of the day I AM THE WIFE. She lied to her whole family and friends saying he was in middle of divorce. Maybe if she stops being a concubine maybe she will find someone but she will always be someone elses side chick. She loves breaking up a family. She just thought dam heres a man that takes care of his kids and wife let me try to replace her. Oh that didn’t turn out so well, when mistresses want to be like wife the husband finds his way back home. He finally left her and came to his senses. He couldn’t handle her dirtyness and baggage.

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  1. lmaolmaoJune 7, 2018 at 1:32 pm

    Stop harassing people. How can you be THIS ugly? You’re utterly obsessed I find it truly hilarious you waste your time. Last night you called the police for no reason lmao for what? LMAO. bitch… reevaluate your self no one gives a fat fuck about you, you fat fuck. No one wants ur cheap ass man lmaooooooo. home wrecker?? ur ruining ur own life lmao. pathetic. low life piece of shit i’ll RUIN you. keep playing games bitch you don’t know ME. ha.

  2. AmyJune 5, 2018 at 7:41 am

    Brandy is such a liar. First of all, exactly what is it about your life that Mary is obsessed with and that she would want to be you? She has a job that supports her and her children, she has a house that she got on her on, not placed there because she was being abused. Your pathetic excuse for a husband spent Thanksgiving at my house with your little boy and he did nothing but talk bs about you the whole time. However, you are proving you’re the insane bitch he said you are. Oh, Brandy, you have so messed with the wrong person. Unlike you, we won’t take to making up lies on some stupid ass website made up by some bitter bitches who can’t keep a husband, and who blame everyone but their husbands for their affairs. No, we’ll do it legally. We know too much information about you, Sweetheart. Seriously, you screwed with the wrong best friend!

  3. MicheleJune 4, 2018 at 6:17 pm

    Mary is none of the things Bo claims. It’s sad that she is trying to ruin Mary’s life. She already ruined her own… So I guess she has nothing left to lose. Pathetic mother’s like her should lose their kids. Bo chooses to live off tax payers dollars, use drugs, abandon her children… Then she wants to post bullshit lies about others.. it’s pathetic and sad. So is Tony.

  4. MaryJune 3, 2018 at 7:52 am

    This is the furthest from the truth. No Brandy Stacy, who wrote this, LEFT her husband n children to do drugs n be a prostitute causing them to lose everything. This happened for years. They were technically married but were in the middle of a divorce. I was at lawyer meetings and court cases for custody of the children which Bo only came to 1. She didn’t want to see or talk to her kids all summer. They moved in with me n my children. Then in January when Tony tried to fight my son when he was drunk got his ass handed to him n I kicked him out. He only went back to her cause he had nowhere to go. Mind you she went to an abused woman’s shelter n lied to get a place which he’s living at. Such an abuser huh. So our tax dollars are supporting this fat heffer who doesn’t know facts just what she wants to say to make her self feel better. Funny she used the picture that her daughters were in with me. Mind you it’s been 6 months n I haven’t said a word to him yet they keep harassing me. Funny he called my job n left his number for me to call him, which I didn’t, but I want her life n him? I’d have to gain 100+ pounds to even come close to her. Bo Brandy Stacy is a sorry ass excuse for a person parent n wife. She took the trash back cause he ain’t shit n doesn’t support his kids. I bought their school stuff n Christmas not him. He’s a loser n they deserve each other.

  5. JessicaMay 16, 2018 at 7:04 am

    But you take him back? After he is done playing?? What is wrong with women?????? Wife or not he needs to be on here right beside his mistress