Mary O’ brien — High Ridge, Missouri

Mary O’ brien — High Ridge, Missouri

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I treated this girl like family . Mary O’ brine called me mom for 24 years. She called my husband of 36 years dad. Her children called us mama and papa. This scum of the earth, HOMEWRECKER , seduced my 60 year old husband with her oral gratification and wrecked my 36 year marriage. She applied herself into our life each and every chance she got. I did everything for her. Gave her and her children a place to live numerous times when she was homeless, invited her to family functions, watched her children so she could go SLEEPIN around, never ever thinking she would stab me in the back and break my heart. The night my husband left, I called her for comfort, I mean she was supposedly my daughter. What happened next turned my life upside down. Once I said those dreadful words that your dad left me, her phone went dead and I have not heard from her since. Still not believing him and her were together… but no, they sure were. The funny thing, she shows NO SHAME at all. Claims we were splitting up anyway. That was news to me. He had given me a birthday card just 14 days earlier professing his love to me. She snaked her way into my life, and my home and used what confidential things I shared with “‘My Daughter” to use against me to seduce MY HUSBAND. I wish you nothing but pain and misery for the rest of your life Mary O’brien. I hope you rot in hell for the things you have done to me and my family.

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  1. My FriendJanuary 8, 2018 at 7:51 pm

    What a sad story here!! This is creepy and perverted on your ex husbands part as well as disrespectful! Be glad the WHOREO took away the trash for you. I’m sorry my friend but in the same breathe am happy for your new beginnings!! Let’s the shit roll on down the hill where it belongs!
    Wishing a happy ending for you!! KARMA IS A BITCH,! What comes around goes around!! The fun part wil be watching karma kick her ass!!