Matthew Smith — London, United Kingdom

Matthew Smith — London, United Kingdom

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Ladies , watch out for this fithy creep ! Matthew Smith of BNP Paribas Investement Partners in London , UK , is a lying piece of shit and serial cheater. He cheated on ALL his ex girlfriends with shemales prostitutes, Asian ladyboys and anything transgenders because he is craving for cocks. He gets in relationship with women to hide that he is in fact homosexual and has a tranny fetish . I was his girlfriend and found out he cheated on me with trannies and Asian ladyboys that he met online on sleazy gay, prostitutes websites, and that he routinely goes to the cheap brothels in Chinatown. When I dumped him he had to nerve to begged me to take him back and pestered me for months,after he cheated with all the transgenders in London ! Later, I was told he did the same with the previous girlfriend, he cheated with ladyboys and trannies, so he obviously a closeted gay who sleeps with men dressed up as women, to rest assure himself he is not gay. He also has STDs , which is not a surprise for a prostitutes’ client, but he will not tell you. He gets his kicks from infecting people with STDs. He lies constantly and manipulates everyone. Be careful of Matthew Smith, OTC derivatives analyst for BNP Paribas London. He is looking for the next women to con and manipulate, and lives in Clapham.

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