Meagan Pierce – Home Wrecking Sl*re

Meagan Pierce – Home Wrecking Sl*re

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This woman Meagan Pierce is the WORST kind of home wrecker that there is. She completely ruined my best friend’s marriage and got off completely easy. She worked as an [REDACTED] vaccines during the pandemic while my friends husband worked as an EMT helping vaccine distribution centers. This woman is a single mom (child is around 13 years of age) who’s never been married before and was 6 years older than my friend’s husband (he was 29 and she was 35). This woman found out the husband suffered from PTDS, BPD, and several severe childhood traumas and abandonment issues. She KNEW he was married and purposely flirted nonstop with him and tried to console the husband by trying to relate to him with her own mental health issues. Naturally being the weak man that he was he caved into sexting this woman before his wife briefly found out. After my friend kicked him out she naturally spread her legs to him and opened up her home to this complete stranger (mind you they had only known each other for 2 months). My friend’s husband was struggling severely with his mental health and with what he had done and was trying to work on fixing his marriage and tried to go back to my friend several times. Naturally Meagan found out and accused HIM of cheating on HER. She became completely mental and started calling and texting my friend and even tried sending her videos of her husband. When the husband tried to start therapy on his own accord to get help this woman reached out to his therapist, violated HIPPA, and tried to say he was a narcissist and compulsive liar and make it seem like their relationship was something so much more than it actually was. She was so disgusted with the fact that this man wanted to BETTER himself and FIX his marriage that she had to go on and spread lies about my friend saying that he only wanted to get back with her because she didn’t want him anymore when the truth is he NEVER wanted a relationship with Meagan in the first place. After my friend had originally kicked out her husband Meagan essentially turned into his sugar mama. She would buy him food whenever he wanted. Paid for a bunch of things in his NEW apartment because he couldn’t stand the thought of living with this woman. He said she would literally wake him up in the dead of the night panicked and screaming “I need attention NOW”. She also was disgusted with the fact that my best friend was a woman of color. Mind you my best friend is STUNNING. But when she found out what she looked like she turned to my friend’s husband and said “Ugh, I don’t understand how you can be attracted to something like that. We look nothing alike” (my friend’s husband is also white like this woman). But she continued to say racist and derogatory things about my best friend. This woman hadn’t dated in SO long and she was so desperate and lonely. And after what happened recently, she’s more volatile and toxic than ever. Be careful if you live in the area!!! Because this “woman” does not have an ounce of self respect in her body and she will screw ANYONE over to get what she wants because she’s selfish AF.

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