Megan Bobonick — Chicago, Illanois

Megan Bobonick — Chicago, Illanois

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Megan Bobonick, the daughter of Jeanne and Mark Bobonick (Schererville, Indiana), is a PhD student at Lewis University in the Chicago area. Doing graduate research on politics, this year she has been contacting numerous men pertaining to her sphere of research, often engaging in flirtatious behavior with them on public social media. I can only imagine what went on in private with many of these men, considering that one of them was my friend’s husband. He was away on an extended business trip. Megan took advantage of this. Being fully aware that he was married with small children, she aggressively pursued him anyway. Half-naked selfies, secret meetings at hotels, you name it. I suppose it is not surprising that a nearly 30-year-old woman unable to find herself a husband of her own would be so desperate as to go after someone else’s man. Truly pathetic! I think my friend can do a lot better and needs to kick this cheating liar of a husband to the curb! But what boggles my mind even more is that this woman is supposed to be an objective researcher aspiring to be a university professor. Not only is her behavior immoral, but it is highly unprofessional and unethical. Megan Bobonick is better suited working on the side of the road at night where she can fully pursue her “hobby” rather than in a respectable workplace.

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  1. SydneySeptember 7, 2017 at 9:10 pm

    LOL, whoever wrote this is full of shit.
    Your “friend’s husband”? Yeah? You post weird shit on shady websites about purported relationships of your “friend’s husband”?
    More likely you’re some fat whore who no man will touch with a 10-foot pole, & you’re jealous sick of anyone who doesn’t happen to be a repulsive piece of shit!
    Trying to tear other women down isn’t going to make you any less unappealing, so you might as well just get a life, go on a diet, stop being a contemptuous bitch. Probably asking a lot though.