Megan Boorsma Homewrecking [email protected] attorney who likes men with newborns

Megan Boorsma Homewrecking sk@nk attorney who likes men with newborns

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This is now the second time I’m having to post about this low life white trash homewrecking [email protected] attorney. She just can’t resist pursuing my husband who has an 8 week old newborn baby at home and a postpartum wife. She has a clear track record of going after men that are not available and no humility or self respect. She has no shame in tearing apart a young family with her desperate low life behavior. Apparently no one in her life taught her how to be a respectable woman who builds her own life and family with someone who is actually available and not already married. Not only would I be leery about her in general but I’d definitely not choose her for legal counsel! She is a demented human being who needs serious help and guidance and needs to be taught that when men are still married they and their families are off limits. Watch out for this one – she’s a snake. Only demented women would want to get involved with a man who has a newborn baby and not even divorced yet.

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