Megan Sly — Kingston, New York

Megan Sly — Kingston, New York

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Megan Sly has a long history of sleeping with guys who are in relationships, and cheating in her own. Shes been dumped by not only me but 5 or 6 other guys for cheating, and has slept with several while they have been in relationships. With no regard for who where or when this homewrecker will literally do anything for a midnight piece of meat. Been known to drive over to border at late hours just to meet up with guys . Within the past 5 years has 30+ CONFIRMED KILLS and possibly upwards of 60+… BEWARE … she will have guys disguise her bame in their phone as a mom or sister figure to get past the girlfriend.. and she has a tendency to go for guys age 23-27.. THIS WH#RE WILL GRAB DICK ON THE FIRST DATE. And i can nearly guarentee she handles 3 plus a week (picky with size as most dirty fiends are) *VOTED MOST LIKELY TO END UP ON CASTING COUCH IN OUR HIGHSCHOOL VOTE 2011*

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