Melanie Anne Fillmore — Melservice

Melanie Anne Fillmore  — Melservice

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 Melanie Anne Fillmore (snider) is a permanent drink side chick. She has cheated on every man she has ever been with. They don’t care because- well her only value is being a drunk, loud, lady. She services men between the homes behind the trees of her neighbors, on the side of the road, her garage- her bed, her friends bed, bar parking lots. This female will have men over to service them even while her man is home. Don’t worry though- “Jay” will come into the room and simply scream at her for being a drunk slore. —- if it hinders you from being serviced- Melservices will take you to use her friends bed. But be careful, if you are cheating Melanie will get into your car, leave her crusty underwear, makeup and other things. She will call you from random numbers BEGGING to not be just a side chick— her work phone (she usually has issues making it to work on time due to her open leg policy and drunken nature)— but when at work she will use her employers phone to call off the hook!! Her own children rarely talk to her. She will have her large friends call and threaten your other half—- then she runs and hides!! Above all… don’t allow her to know where you live!!! She will try to force her way into your children’s bedrooms at night. Then… your other half with leave you. Melservices isn’t worthy of a hotel room or a 2 dollar beer. She will beg you to give her a baby!! She barely takes care of the ones she has.

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