Melinda Leigh — You ruined a child’s life

Melinda Leigh  — You ruined a child’s life

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so a woman named Melinda Leigh has decided that the man she’s been obsessed with since high school should be with her and not his wife and child. The man named John has severe mental issues then he went to Iraq. He met courted and married a lovely lady from another country. They even have a child together and were planning on another. He is a looser that has no license and makes his wife drive him around. He started drinking nd doing drugs. Supplied by Melinda Leigh and another unnamed person. When his wife confronted him and told him in order to avoid divorce he had to go to rehab and never see or have contact with this Melinda liegh. Simple right! I would have broke my foot off in his ass, she’s a forgiver though. But he refused threaten to kill himself and take their son with him. He got put away. He gets out and goes to Melinda Leigh not his wife and then becomes inradged that the wife wants to go home to her country which is her right and HIS family supports her all the way. He put hands on her and threatened her. And now this Melinda Leigh puts posts in Facebook about baby mommas and them using kids to keep ex’s out of relationships and using their kids as tools. They are married that’s his wife not is ex. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This woman knew he was married knew he had substance abuse problems and she still pursued him she not only helped ruin a marriage but helped destroy a little boys family. She seems to act like what she did was ok she was aware of his life and proceeded to persue him. She might have mental issues herself I fear. And I know this mans wife is a turn the cheek person so I’m posting this so people can see what Melinda Leigh is really like. Even if their marriage was failing it doesn’t mean help it along let’s them handle that wait your turn. Don’t be a joe and then get angry because he has issues and attacked her it’s his fault if he looses custody her posts in fb won’t help either. His wife even said I don’t care who he goes with but she is not helping him mentally she’s making it worse with the alcohol if she actually cares she’s get him help but she’s more concerned with telling a good woman she’s a bad mom for keeping her and her kid safe. This wife has more class understanding and forgiveness than anyone I know, I personally would loose my sh1t beat that girls a55 and remove his no no place. Which is why I’m posted this for all goes to see, if he’s gonna leave her for you just wait let them go thru the motions stay away you are as much a piece of shot as he is. Just wait your turn hoe he’ll be with u am cheating shortly.

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