Melissa Griglione Wannabe home wrecker but could not succeed NO musical taste either

Melissa Griglione Wannabe home wrecker but could not succeed NO musical taste either

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This nearly elderly a$$ “woman” in her 50s, who can’t keep a job or a man, tried to seduce my husband at work by talking to his workmates about how cute she thought he was, and by offering to be his ride while dropping off his work truck for repairs. She will fantasize all day about taking your man and then post delusional songs and messages to him so that mutual workmates will speak about it. All this despite the fact he told her several times that he’s not interested in her advances but that he’s married too! She has the reputation of moving job to job, often every 6-8 months. She can’t keep her jobs bc she ends up being fired for causing the entire team to become distracted by her whoreish behavior and dress. This “woman” is a grandmother. She seeks out jobs that are mainly male centric ie production, tools, car lots etc. so she can keep up her psychotic constant need to seek validation. She will try and befriend your man and then claim that he’s her “best friend”. Post the same rotation of 80s songs (no taste in music either) approx the same 5-10 and put “hints” about your man. Even lying to other male employees that they spend time outside of work. That they’re genuine best friends! Although never stating any one job for more than months. She was trying to lure mine while during the very same time moving in with another guy. Makes no sense. Women- watch out for her. Guys- really watch out for her. She is THE detention of a worn out, wanna be home wrecker. PS she actually moved blocks from us after she was forced out of one of her most recent jobs. [REDACTED]. Note: this taggity pic was from 2013 so you can imagine how she looks now. Pics heavily, heavily filtered. Ick.

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  1. Jason HammerNovember 15, 2021 at 4:24 pm

    She’s sexy