Melissa kennedy hedrick — Facebook slore

Melissa kennedy hedrick — Facebook slore

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Melissa Kennedy Hedrick thought she could stroke the ego of my boyfriend. We have lived together for 12 years and she used FB Messenger to hook up with Mark (they went to high school together). He fell for her lies and prepared to leave me to live with this slore that lives 200 miles away and hasnt seen her or even talked on the phone. Only seen her filtered pics on FB. I trusted him 100% but the one time I had a bad feeling and after only 5 minutes of snooping on his laptop I was devasted and shocked. After calling him at work and confronting him he quit his job, drove 200 miles and ghosted me! After a week he realized she was a nasty slore and left. I had told him to rot in hell but when i knew he realized how bad he messed up I told him to just come home in a moment of reality. Its been 17 months and we are better than ever but watch out, she is a sneaky sloot, all this went on right under my nose in our home. She is a trashy b1tch that thinks she is something on FB but is dumb as a doornail that can’t carry an intelligent conversation or deliver her bullsh1t fantasy she gives guys on Messenger. I have a good man that she twisted but the real woman won lol!

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  1. TommyGirlApril 6, 2019 at 10:58 am

    Oh yeah you won alright. You won a cheating a55 man that will leave you again. So what if he is being a good boy right now. Next time he will lie better. He abandoned you. And you post her. If the last 17 months were as good as your tryin to say you would not have posted this. You won a pathetic pos that does not love or respect you. Good luck until next time.